Xojo is an excellent multi-platform & cross-platform software development application, enabling anyone to develop a variety of high quality application types for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS devices, Raspberry Pi and the web. With a long history and active userbase all over the world, Xojo is a great tool for your next software project.

We have years of experience developing GUI, cross-platform applications with Xojo to streamline and simplify internal operations for our own projects and for clients.  Xojo is not always the solution, but even when you intend to implement in another framework or platform, Xojo's rapid prototyping capability often is a great initial step to test out ideas and hammer out the details of what is needed.

Xojo has a large and active user base around the world and a community of developers who openly share and assist each other. Developer conferences, the Xojo user forum, numerous YouTube channels and countless user & developer web-sites provide a great community for developers, whether experienced or brand new.

We are re-vamping our internal Xojo application development tools to take advantage of experience and platform enhancements over the last few years.  We will be sharing many of these framework elements along with conceptual and practical guidance in getting the most from Xojo for your own projects.

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